Every year, we see new trends emerging in home design. While your interior style will usually be a reflection of your own personality and tastes, it’s always fun to learn about new trends – you never know what will inspire you next!

We love these fresh ideas, and you can easily incorporate them into your space. Here are some trends we’ve been exploring.


Sustainable Furniture Pieces

Sustainability is at the forefront and we’re (happily) seeing more and more people moving away from fast-furniture brands that have negative impacts on the environment and aren’t as durable or high quality. Acre Made’s philosophy is based on using only sustainably sourced materials to create ethically-built heirloom quality furniture. Our choice of sustainable living room furniture is the Grace coffee table.

side view of the grace coffee table in natural oak

The Grace coffee table is built with Ontario-sourced White Oak or Walnut wood.


Rooms with Pops of Colour

While neutrals have reigned supreme for many years, we’re starting to see more pops of colour in interior design. After shaking off the lingering gloom of the pandemic years, many people are using colour to add brightness and joy to their homes. Adding a strategically placed vibrant piece can liven up any space. You can freshen up a neutral colour palette by adding a statement piece like a coloured couch, accent wall or bright throw pillows. We personally love the elegance of a jewel-toned couch and the way it complements the natural look of materials like wood. If you want to try out this vibrant trend in a less permanent way, add some colour to your curtains or try a bright-toned rug. The warm-toned, natural materials of our furniture pieces add a grounding element to the space to balance out pops of colours. 

We love drawing inspiration from others in the industry and some of our favourite interior designers are pros when it comes to incorporating colour into their designs. Some of our top sources of colour inspiration include The Jungalow, Mello Design and deVOL Kitchens

griffin wood coffee table in natural oak

The natural oak of the Griffin coffee table makes it the perfect piece to balance out vibrant decor. 

Natural Materials

Natural materials are beloved for a reason, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. We’ve seen rattan, linen, and natural wood everywhere in living room decor. Natural materials like raw cotton, linen and jute are also being used for textiles, while natural stone accents like travertine pieces and clay pots are becoming common choices for decor accessories. And of course, you can’t go wrong with solid wood furniture pieces for larger items like dining tables, coffee tables and seating.

side view of the haven wood coffee table in walnut

Our Haven coffee table is inspired by the natural beauty of live edge.

Black Accents

Black accents are becoming a popular choice in interior design. Whether it’s black hardware in the bathroom or black cabinetry in the kitchen, we’re seeing many more designers start to come over to the dark side. Using black accents gives a nice touch of contrast to any space and is a great way to add some sophistication, especially when paired with neutrals or jewel tones. You can incorporate this trend into your living room with black picture frames, art, textiles or even furniture pieces. 

grove console in the espresso oak finish

Our Grove console in a beautiful espresso oak finish.

Staycation Furnishings

A holdover from the stay-at-home years is choosing decor that makes your home feel like a retreat. Comfortable, plush couches and abundant blankets and pillows are used to make your home feel like a relaxing vacation destination. 

More and more, people are incorporating dedicated spaces in their homes for activities like yoga, meditation, and relaxation. You can bring a sense of tranquillity into your living room by choosing luxurious fabrics and adding comfortable seating options. You can also envision your favourite vacation spot and add decor elements that evoke the same aesthetic in your home. 

We’re loving our Willow Coffee Table in this relaxing living room!

No matter your design style, you can incorporate inspiration from any of these trends into your living room decor. While new interior design trends emerge every year, your personal style is timeless. Choosing the right furniture for your living room is a great way to take elements of style inspiration and bring them to life in your home. 

Explore Acre Made’s collection of living room furniture to browse our solid wood furniture made in Canada from sustainable materials. If you’re feeling inspired by one of these living room trends, we can help you create a special piece with our custom furniture design and build service.