The way we use our homes has changed over the years. Our home has gone from being a space for relaxation and family quality time, to a multifunctional space where many of us work, live and play.

This shift towards hybrid living spaces has led to the popularity of multi-purpose furniture and multi-functional spaces.

One of the best ways to easily create multi-purpose rooms in our homes is by choosing multifunctional furniture. Many of our solid wood furniture pieces are designed to serve multiple functions giving you more flexibility to maximize your living space.


walnut dining bench

The Taki Bench

The Taki bench is a solid wood bench designed with flowing waterfall edges and solid brass dowel accents. This multi-purpose piece has a versatile design that allows it to fit in perfectly in many rooms of the home. It can be used in a few ways; it can be used in the dining room to provide seating or it can also be placed in a front entryway or foyer.

Wherever you choose to put it, it provides an attractive seating option with its minimalistic design. This solid wood piece is made from Canadian sustainably sourced wood and is available in maple, oak and walnut. 

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Grove Console Table

The Grove console table has a minimalistic, sleek design that allows it to look at home in any room. This console table is built sturdily, and is made from sustainably sourced solid wood. It is supported by legs that feature decorative vertical grooves.

This console table can be used in a variety of ways in your home, whether as a front entryway table or an alternative to shelving in the living or dining rooms. The console can be a great place to put your drink or book behind your couch. It can even be placed as an accent piece in you bedroom. You'll love the slim table top which gives it a sleek appeal. Overall, the Grove is a great furniture choice for condos or small, narrow spaces.

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Willow Coffee Table

The Willow coffee table features sturdy panel legs and a rounded racetrack table top. This design balances the strength of the legs with the fluidity of the table top, making it a conversation piece in any room. The most popular use for this table is as a coffee table in the living room.

The placement of the panel legs allows for an opportunity to store items beneath the table if you’re looking to maximize space in your living room. This table is also a great addition to a spacious bedroom, as part of an additional seating area.

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Marlow Dining Table

The Marlow dining table is one of our most versatile dining tables. The angular base allows you to maximize seating capacity and the table top is finished with an elegant beveled edge. The beauty of this dining table is that it can be used for more than just meals. The spacious table top makes it the perfect place to gather, which is great for family game night and activities.

Marlow is also a great choice for those who use their dining table as a workstation from 9-5. It offers plenty of room for your laptop and paperwork so you can work as comfortably as you would at a desk. (Just be sure to place something sturdy under your papers if you plan to write at the table!)

Whether you’re working, entertaining, or enjoying a meal, this angular pedestal base table offers more than enough space. 

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Embracing Multi-Functional Furniture

Owning furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes allows you to create opportunities for each room of your house to be used day or night.

As your lifestyle changes over time, having multifunctional furniture pieces that can adapt to new tasks or uses will ensure that you get the most out of your living space. This is especially helpful for homeowners that have smaller square footage or that live in condos or homes with condensed floor plans. Not all homes have dedicated dining rooms or office spaces, so having furniture that allows you to work or entertain in other rooms of your house is a great asset.

Owning multifunctional furniture is also beneficial when you move into a new home, since your new home’s layout may be considerably different from your previous house. By having multipurpose furniture you can rearrange, redecorate and reconfigure your home without having to purchase new pieces each time. 

If you’re looking for functional furniture pieces, browse our made to order collection. All Acre Made furniture is designed with today’s homeowner in mind and made in Canada with top-quality, sustainable materials.