Buying a new boardroom table for your office is no small feat. But a solid, durable boardroom table is a great investment. The way a space is designed can either energize or drain your employees. So if your boardroom table is drab or old, your meetings might feel soul-sucking instead of collaborative and creative. Having nice office furniture has actually been shown to increase productivity.

Thinking of investing in a new boardroom table? Here’s a quick run down of 5 things you should consider:

1. Size of the Room

It may be obvious, but it’s important to consider the size of the boardroom to know how big of a table your space can handle. Take time to measure the space and decide how much breathing room is needed. Consider square, circular or oval shaped tables for tighter spaces.

2. Table Occupancy

We often see a trade-off here with the physical size of the room. How many people do you hope to seat on average? Does your room host small or larger meetings? The number of seats required will determine the size of your table. Check out our seating guide to learn more.

3. Design

Choose a table that will complement your colour palette and finishes. With custom boardroom tables, you have the luxury of choosing custom options such as the colour of the table, the wood species and the leg design.

4. Power Outlets

Consider power outlets, cable management, and any other electronics. If you need power outlets, we can add a hole into the boardroom table to run wires through, right up to full data ports. Conveniently charge tablets, laptops and the like, right at your table.

5. Budget

Fun fact: The Canadian Association for Business Economics says that you only need to see a 2-5% increase in productivity to cover the costs of office furniture. But it’s always important to consider your budget. A large table carries a larger price tag, so be prepared. Whether you’re using it for a casual lunch meeting or to close a deal with a big client, a great conference room is an asset for any business. We can usually adapt to a budget by altering the design, reducing the table’s size, or changing the wood species.


Have questions about our boardroom tables? We’d be happy to guide you through the process. Contact us here.