Have you ever considered collaborating with an interior designer on your home project? It may not have been on your radar in the past, but having a professional by your side can bring a whole new level of ease and satisfaction to your renovation or decorating journey.

We've always valued functionality above all else in any space. That beautiful mid-century modern chair may look stunning, but if it's not comfortable or gets in the way, it's not worth it.

An interior designer can help you create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. They have the expertise and experience to navigate important considerations like color, style, and important sizing calculations, as well as working with contractors and other tradespeople. Timing is also key, and a designer can help you stay on track and budget so that you can end up with a final product that you'll be proud of for years to come.

We often collaborate with interior designers in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area to create custom furniture that fits perfectly into the spaces they design. Custom pieces provide them with the flexibility to create functional and versatile rooms.

We have a special appreciation for working with interior designers. They usually come to us with a clear vision for their project, complete with sketches and samples, and have a strong understanding of industry terminology and design principles.

Recently, we had the opportunity to partner with Toronto interior designer, Natalie Chong, through Instagram. We were thrilled to work with her to design and build custom furniture pieces for her clients. In light of this collaboration, we wanted to get to know her better and gain some insight into her life as an interior designer. Here's what she shared with us!


Natalie Chong, an interior designer, standing and smiling in a room

When did you realize your were passionate about interior design?

I knew from when I was 16! I used to watch design shows on HGTV, specifically Sarah Richardson when she had her show "Room Service" The original Pinterest ideas as I like to call it. It was amazing. She was a total inspiration for me to pursue design/that creative field.

What's a regular day in your job like?

Oh gosh, those are all different. But usually it consists of design meetings with clients, sourcing, then meeting with trades on job sites. 90% of the time I am in my car. Driving from one thing to another. Other days I am at my computer doing drawings with my assistant or prepping for a client presentation.

Why work with custom furniture makers?

I really strive to work with local. Shop local, work with local and support other makers. Everyone else helps me do my job and do it better. I can't make a table from scratch, or create a kitchen, or upholster a chair. So I need other trades and makers to help me do my job!

I believe that supporting a group of individuals who are passionate and excited about design as much as I am also helps me feed my own personal creative needs. I love collaborating and working with other people who are the best in their trade because then it feels more inclusive and better thought through.

Why is it important to support Canadian brands as a Canadian interior designer?

Same reasons as supporting local. We live in a great country that is full of opportunity and creatives. Why not? If we can feed back into our country and society in useful and beautiful ways I honestly can't think of a better reason TO NOT. I think it helps our society and country as a collective. Appreciating and understanding where we came from but also where we live in incredibly important. But also - have you seen the US political climate lately? I am so grateful I live HERE.

If you’re looking for an amazing interior designer in Toronto, you can check out Natalie Chong’s work on Instagram and give her a follow @lovenataliechong.

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