Banquette tables are a staple in our furniture collection because they are extremely versatile and can be customized for any space. We love how they allow any space to become a communal area for eating and spending quality time together.

Why We Love Banquette Tables

A banquette is a built-in bench style seating area that is commonly added to kitchens and dining rooms. Because banquettes can be designed in virtually any space, their dimensions vary considerably! A great banquette table is one that is just the right height and length to comfortably accommodate the banquette bench.

This type of dining table is extremely popular with condo dwellers and in stacked townhouse style homes where there is not always a dedicated dining room. They’re perfect for small spaces, eat-in kitchens, or unique room layouts. 

Solutions for Small Dining Areas and Eat in Kitchens

A full-sized dining table is not always the most practical piece of furniture in every home. Banquette dining tables provide a functional solution to make the most of your space. By nestling part of the seating into a banquette, you maximize the available space in a room and allow for greater flow and openness. 

Customize Your Banquette Table

We can custom tailor your banquette table to ensure it fits the ideal configuration and the layout of the space. By having your banquette table custom made, you ensure that it’s the perfect fit!

Our banquette tables are fully customizable, from the wood species to the finish and the dimensions, and even the shape of the table top. Many clients come to us looking for softer, rounded corners for easy flow in and out of the banquette without whacking your hip! We also offer many base and leg options to optimize seating for the best and most comfortable fit. Your furniture, your way.

Elevate Your Dining Room with a Modern Banquette Table

Modern wooden furniture can elevate your dining room. We love to see how our customers style their Acre Made pieces!

Here are some real life examples for inspiration.

Walnut Banquette Table with 4 chairs and a blue blench

Walnut Banquette Table With an Angled Base

Design | @julietaylorinteriors
Photography | @trinaphoto

This walnut banquette dining table has an angled base that is perfectly suited to maximizing leg room in small spaces. Here it is set up in a traditional dining room layout, flanked on one side by long banquette seating. We love how Julie Taylor Interiors has styled this piece! The walnut wood complements the pop of royal blue fabric on the banquette and adds richness. 

white oak wood banquette table with 4 chairs and a grey dining bench

White Oak Banquette Table


This white oak banquette table adds to the bright and airy feel of this eat in kitchen space. The lighter wood finish gives a modern, clean look to compliment the neutral palette of the surrounding décor. The size of this custom piece fits well within the room, allowing ample space to enter and exit the banquette. We love how allowing more breathing room helps to open up the space both visually and functionally.

Fun fact: Christina designed the openings in the base of the cabinet along with the design of the table legs so that this family of five could have the flexibility of pushing their table against the wall for busy mornings or late night dance parties!

wood banquette table surrounded by wooden chairs and a wood dining bench

Banquette Table with Trapezoid Legs


We are loving the unique styling of this banquette layout! Having the banquette at the head of the table, rather than having it laid out laterally, gives this space a very cozy feel. This is also a great example of how to customize banquette seating to fit your individual space. This layout doesn’t take away from necessary cabinet storage and still allows for a full table setting to be placed. 

This walnut banquette table with black trapezoid legs is a great fit for this unique layout and the wood furniture pairs beautifully with the rich navy hue of the cabinets. 

white oak pedestial banquette table surrounded by chairs and an L shaped green dining bench

White Oak Pedestal Banquette Table for a Cozy Breakfast Nook

Design & Styling | @christinapallottainteriors
Photography | @patrickbiller

This white oak beauty is a custom variation of our Marlow dining table. This one features a straight edge and is tailor made to fit this banquette corner setting. 

Having the table nestled in the corner like this gives a cozy, homey feel. Creating a breakfast nook at home is the elegant, elevated version of the corner booth of your favourite restaurant. The lighter wood is a great choice to offset the deep sage tones of the banquette fabric.

This is a great example of how we can customize your banquette table to fit your unique space, such as being bordered on two sides by banquettes — to create the perfect breakfast nook table.


curved wood banquette table in dining room

A Modern, Curved Take on the Banquette Table 

This example showcases a more modern, minimalistic take on the banquette table. This custom curved piece was designed to fit this space with beautiful tambour finishes.

This sleek banquette table adds dimension to the space, adding visual interest with the tambour details and the light wood. Sometimes less is more!

racetrack wood banquette table in dining area

A Sleek, Modern Banquette Bench & Matching Table

We love this sleek eat in kitchen table and how it complements the wooden bench. The racetrack shape makes for optimal ease in and out of the banquette. Pairing this curved shape with the soft under bevel and thinner profile table top gives this banquette a sleek and elegant feel. For this table, the base can be done in either black or white steel, or solid wood. The tabletop can be done in any of our wood and finish options to suit your particular space.

Design a Table That Fits Your Space

As you can see from the examples above, our banquette tables can be completely customized to suit your space. We offer a range of sizes, bases, wood species and finishes to tailor your banquette table to adapt perfectly to any home. These designs are just a glimpse into what we can do.

Shop our banquette tables here, and keep in mind that we are able to provide custom bases to make it the most functional space it can be. We can offer custom base and leg designs, custom tabletop shapes, edges and more. 

We work with you to design and build your wooden furniture to meet your specifications. Whether you're revamping a space for family gatherings, or you're an interior designer dreaming up a project for your client, we can help! Reach out to discuss our custom furniture options.