Permanent Press Editions

Permanent Press Editions is a Brooklyn-based workshop that specializes in producing original archival-quality photographic print collections. Founded by Shana Faust & Alexa Mulvihill, who bring their years of experience in art directing, styling & designing to photographs that capture unexpected moments of beauty.

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Permanent Press’ artwork features archival-quality photographic prints. Their photography prints make unique conversation pieces and are a great addition to any space in your home. Photography wall art is a versatile medium that looks great as living room wall decor, kitchen wall decor or bedroom wall decor.

The Acre Art collection features artwork in a range of unique mediums such as wall hangings, photography prints or framed wall art. This collection is sourced in partnership with Toronto-based design curator and consultant JL Art Sourcing. The framed prints, wall hangings, and other art works in our collection of online art for sale have been carefully curated to look beautiful with Acre Made furniture pieces. If you’re shopping for art for the home or a commercial interior design project, our collection contains a variety of pieces to choose from.