At Acre Made, we take pride in handcrafting all of our furniture using sustainably-sourced, premium Canadian wood. Our solid wood pieces are intentionally designed to endure, each one meticulously constructed in Canada by our team of skilled artisans. We offer two distinct purchasing options for our customers: made-to-order pieces and custom design and build services. While both options promise exceptional quality, the buying process for each differs.

Isla wood fluted base bistro table

Isla Bistro Table

Made to Order Collection

Acre Made’s made to order collection consists of furniture pieces for the dining room, living room, office and beyond.

When shopping our made to order collection, you can choose from a variety of pieces available in standard finishes and sizes. This collection is perfect for those who like to shop online, as you’re able to view all of our pieces at one time. Each of our made to order pieces are built by hand and although the designs are already completed, the finished piece is not handcrafted until the piece is ordered.

This means that instead of receiving a prefabricated piece of furniture from a factory, your order is built with craftsmanship at the time of your order – just for you! 

The benefit of ordering from our made to order collection is being able to shop and place your order directly on our website. All of our made to order pieces are designed with today’s homeowner in mind and you’ll find a wide range of functional pieces to choose from online. 

See something you like in our made to order collection, but it isn't quite right? Whether you'd like to adjust the dimensions of an existing design, order it in a finish not shown in our catalogue, or even swap the base for another style, we're happy to customize our existing collection just for you! Just reach out to us and let us know what you're looking for. 

Custom Design and Build Service

Our custom design and build service is the perfect choice for homeowners looking for a unique piece, or industry professionals needing a bespoke piece for a project. Our custom furniture is created through a streamlined process where we work with you at each step of the planning, designing and building process.

We create a one-of-a-kind piece designed in collaboration with you down to the last inch. We offer a wide range of wood species such as oak, maple, and wood, as well as different finishes, sizes and styles for you to choose from.  

To begin the process of having a custom piece commissioned, you’ll start by filling out our custom request form. Here, you can provide details about the piece you’re looking for, such as any specifications about size or style.

We’ll start with a complimentary consultation so that we can learn more about your desired design. This will give us the information we need to begin working on your design. This part of the process is the most interactive as we work with you at each turn to make sure you’re absolutely thrilled with every inch of your proposed piece before we begin construction.

Once the design is finalized, we can then get to work building your custom piece. Next, it’s ready for delivery and installation in your home.


A Simple, Collaborative Experience

We’ve streamlined our custom design and build service over the years, creating a straight-forward and collaborative experience. We’re here to offer you design suggestions, customer service and support at every step. Here are some of our favourite custom designs such as boardroom tables, dining tables and creative furniture pieces that we’ve created over the years for our clients. 


Designer - @julietaylorinteriors
Photographer - @trinaphoto


Which Option is Best for You?

If you’re wondering which route to take for your new furniture piece, here are a few things to consider. Our made-to-order collection is best for those who don’t have any unique size or layout restrictions in the space their new piece is going to occupy. It’s also best for those who like the straight-forward process of ordering online and having their piece delivered straight to their door without any back-and-forth communication. Our custom design and build service is best for those looking for a very specific piece that either has a unique design aesthetic or that is created to accommodate a particular size or room layout. Our custom furniture is perfect for those who treasure one of a kind pieces and who know what they’re looking for. 


If you’re ready to order a new piece, browse our ready to order collections or reach out to start the custom ordering process.