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If you’ve been searching to no avail for a very specific or unique piece of furniture, our custom design and build service is the perfect solution.

Whether you have a unique design style in mind, or need something built to exact size specifications, having a custom piece commissioned can bring your dream furniture piece to life. Our custom furniture experience allows you to collaborate with us every step of the way to create a one-of-a-kind piece made exactly how you’ve been envisioning it- down to the exact wood species, style and dimensions.

We’ve streamlined our design and build process so that you are involved at each stage, from the initial design concepts right up until we’ve completed construction of your piece. Here's how our process works, and some tips for designing the perfect piece.


The First Steps

The first step in having a custom piece created is to reach out to us through our custom work inquiry form. Here you can share details about the piece you’re looking to have built.

You can share what type of furniture you’re looking to have made, along with the colour, style, or size that you have in mind. You can also provide us with any inspiration photos to give us an idea of what you’re looking for.

After the initial outreach, we’ll review your custom request and set up a design consultation with you. We have a wealth of resources available to you that can help you hone your concepts before our consultation.

We offer sample kits featuring the different wood species we work with, as well as a finishes guide and a custom catalogue. These resources will help you to further narrow your design ideas so that we can begin developing your design together. In your consultation we’ll discuss your vision for the custom piece, as well as your aesthetic preferences and the needs of your space. 


The Quote

Based on our collaborative consultation meeting, we’ll prepare a quote for you. The next step after receiving your custom quote will be to provide a deposit so we can begin bringing your custom piece to life.


The Design

We’ll begin developing your design drawings, incorporating everything you shared in the consultation meeting. You’ll have an opportunity to review the designs and work with us to provide feedback to revise them until you love the finalized design.


The Build

Once your custom design is approved, we can begin construction on your custom wood furniture piece. We will handcraft your piece in our production facility with sustainably sourced solid Canadian wood. Our expert-level craftsmanship combined with high-quality materials ensures your custom furniture piece is of timeless, heirloom quality. This piece, created especially for you, is built to last and have a permanent home in your space. 


The Moment You've Been Waiting For

Once your custom piece is finished, our team will deliver it and set it up for you. This step is our favourite thing about being a custom furniture company- getting to be there when our clients see their custom piece brought to life is so rewarding! We love creating these special pieces in collaboration with you, and seeing them set in place in your home or office is the culmination of the custom design and build experience. 



Our Tips for Communicating Your Vision

It can seem daunting to find the best way to share your vision for that special piece you’ve been dreaming of. If you have many details swirling around in your head it can be a challenge to find a concise, clear way to communicate your vision during the consultation. 

Gather Inspiration Photos

One tip we like to share with our clients is to create an inspiration folder. Snap photos of items you see or compile images you find online to share specific details of what you’re inspired by. Whether it’s a colour you love or a furniture style you liked in a store, sharing images can be an easy way to help showcase what exactly you’re looking for.

Showcase your Home

If you’re not sure about the specific details you want for your piece, that’s okay too! You can take some photos of your home to help give us an idea of what your interior decor aesthetic is. By showing us what your space already looks like, we can give you advice on which styles would work best. It will also help provide information about what size would be appropriate for the space.

If you’re ready to begin working with us on to design and build a custom piece of furniture, visit our Custom Work page for more details and to complete the Custom Work Inquiry form. Whether it’s a custom dining table, coffee table, or even a custom boardroom table for your commercial space, we can’t wait to build it for you!