400m IM - Unframed


Part of a series of photography prints that beautifully captures the essence of ordinary objects, this unframed swimming cap photograph is imbued with a nostalgic charm that transports you to moments past. With a deep appreciation for its unique quirks and imperfections, the artwork pays homage to the innate beauty that lies within the everyday. Photographed in Brooklyn, New York, the art is then printed in Toronto, Canada.

The artwork comes unframed and printed on high-quality archival paper.
per. Framed print available here.


Photographic prints on archival-quality paper.

Available sizes:
11"W x 14"H
16"W x 20"H
18"W x 24"H
24"W x 32"H

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Expertly Curated in Toronto, Canada.

Acre Made's ever-evolving art collection has been expertly curated in partnership with Toronto-based design curator and consultant JL Art Sourcing. All of the art works in our collection have been carefully selected to complement our line of made to order solid wood furniture pieces.

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